So, last night (11/15/07) I heard this BANG and a LOUD metallic vibration, and then another metallic vibration. What the f***? Not seeing anything in the house or through the windows, I went outside, and a neighbor's teenage daughter had seen a tan Chevy truck (an S-10) go *screaming* up my driveway really fast and into the garage door, then backed out and took off down the street. Somehow he managed to do this without hitting my car on the other side of the driveway, thank all ye merciful deities, spiritual essences, and whatever else. There was the usual police stuff, and the cop asked if I wanted to prosecute if they catch the guy, and first of all if this guy had *any* money to pay up, it would help me out a lot. The new door is less than my deductible, and in the Great Sewage Disaster of Spring of this year, my homeowners' insurance waived the deductible, I guess, b/c of my house's previous good behavior, so there was no reason to get them involved. I asked the cop if the guy couldn't pay, he wouldn't spend like *weeks* in jail, and he said he wouldn't. I mean, you just don't *destroy* an innocent suburban garage door w/out making amends. It's just not ethical, you know. Oh, and the very young-looking police officer was as courteous as could be. And my neighbor and her daughter hung out outside w/us and the daughter went with one of the officers to cruise around the streets and see if they saw the truck. They were very kind.