I skip down the busy streets of Tokyo, I hold out the back so it doesn't hit me. I'm surprised that Minamino doesn't ask me to stop - instead I hear the constant sound of chuckling from him. Hearing that sweet sound makes me smile. :: Slowly I stop my skiping and look up at him (finially a guy taller than me!). "Oi, Minamino-san?" :: "Hai?" he has a really nice smile. :: "Eto..." I stop all together and draw small circles with my foot. A blush rises to my cheeks; I'm rather embrassed at the question I'm about to ask him. "Is it okay if I take your picture? My friend, back in the States, would really like to see you. Ya' see I've been talking about you - I hope that's okay by the way - and she's been getting kinda... antsy." My blush darkens as I look up at him through my dark brown bangs. :: He brushes some strands away from my face, his smile doesn't falter. "Sure, Kit-chan, that sounds wonderful. And I don't mind, it is only fair seeing that you talk about her and I've seen pictures of you two." He pushes back my bangs with his warm hand and down the side of my face. :: I squeal and open my new digital camera. I rip away from him and hold it up to my eye. "Smile~!!!" he does so and I take the shot.